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People often ask me how I got into writing. Even more often, they want to know how they can get into writing. Their curiosity reminds me of a Jules Feiffer cartoon I read many years ago. The character, a young man, says to the reader,

"I wanted to be a writer.
"Because writers don't have to work at steady jobs.
"And they can get rich and famous. And hang out with movie stars.
"So I enrolled in a creative writing course.
"And the first thing the teacher said was, 'If you're serious about writing, you must read—
"Read fiction. Read poetry. Read drama. Read. Read. Read!'
"Who dreamed it would be that hard?
"So I switched to accounting."

Funny stuff. But Feiffer was right. Reading sharpens your vocabulary and teaches important lessons about voice and pacing.

To his advice, I would add, If you're serious about writing, you must write—Write letters. Write blogs. Write any chance you get, preferably in full sentences. Write. Write. Write!

Practice may not always make perfect, but it will make you a better writer.

I don't mind writing badly for a couple of days because I know I can fix it—and fix it again and again and again, and it will be better.—Toni Morrison

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